Charles Mxxn

Charles is the DJ creative visionary behind Thank You For Sweating events, which is a way to experience and revel in the beauty of music. The name arose from a DJ he spun at an underground warehouse in Austin, TX and the people loved the music and danced until the twilight hours of the morning. Being in Texas, people had to cool down and inevitably had to sweat. As guests left the non-descript warehouse, he thanked them for dancing and seeing the sweat, he subsequently said, “Thank you for sweating”.

He keeps the tempo moving and the taste in music international. He was raised all over the world including Japan, Germany, New Mexico and Texas. Whether it is crate digging or just being in the know of incredible dance, house, R&B and hip-hop music, Charles spins for a crowd, they can’t help but to dance and inevitably sweat. Texas is hot, but his sets tend to be hotter.

Thank You For Sweating