Deezie Brown

Based out of Austin, Texas, Deezie Brown delivers a southern depiction of Alternative Hip-Hop and Funk. Deezie Brown was exposed to hip-hop at an early age while he rode around with his dad listening to some of the great artists of the South such as OutKast and UGK.

In February 2018, Judith, his debut album was release. The album, which is named after Judith from The Bible, was a woman who fought for her town as it was besieged by enemies and death imminent. She murdered the enemy general, Holofernes and hung his severed head on the city walls.

The album is a reflection of this story. Deezie found his creative mind, heart and soul being challenged by various ‘enemies’. Whether it be personal hardships with ones close to him or difficulties he faced with pursuing a creative dream. The album is the beheading of these enemies. A triumphant body of work. Judith stands as the beheaded enemies as Deezie is currently working on his sophomore project.

His next album, tentatively titled Hydrate, is not only a sonic shift in sound, but in outlook on life. Deezie has come to term with many enemies, allowing himself to be happier. He wants to make music that makes people smile, a song that helps brighten a day after work. His next album will be tailored for the blue collar worker. For those that do what is necessary to live their best life and positively affect everyone around.

The album was received well among the underground landing him interviews on the ‘Watching the Throne’ podcast, ‘The Most Unruly’ and continuous spins on KUTX 98.9. He played at the notable SXSW Festival, The Underground Music Showcase and Austin’s Inaugural Summer Jam.