The Teeta

When you think of Austin, TX, the first genres to come to mind is blues or country or indie rock. Most likely hip-hop/rap music does not come to mind. The Teeta is changing the the scene as a veteran musician. He has been putting in work for well over a decade now. Arguably the face of Austin hip-hop, The Teeta and his wave of “pretty boy trap music” has pushed him to the forefront of the Live Music Capitol, with even garnering him statewide and national attention with mentions in Pitchfork. With his 2018 releases of Killstreak 2 and American Pop, The Teeta has helped magnify his craft and the city he represents. His electrifying, high energy performances continue to elevate his status as an all-around great artist. The Teeta gives you everything you expected from a Texas rapper along with all the weird, hippy, nonchalant vibes that Austin is known for.

-Written by Fresh Knight, DJ @ KUTX 98.9FM